Temporal Portrait 时间肖像

Simultaneously a group portrait and a self-portrait, Temporal Portrait 时间肖像 imagines the moment when transgenerational versions of Carrie’s 3D selves gather in spacetime.

Using a workflow that synthesizes GAN-powered aging face filter outputs, old family portraits, digital avatars and facial mocap technology, the artist performs her aged selves through digital avatars that exist in alternate timelines and imagined histories. Their collective presence is a meditation on nonlinear concepts of time and the artist's existence.

Installed at life scale, the 24 female figures occupy a long stretch of space. They breathe, blink, and confront the viewer. The group portrait condenses notions of tradition, lineage, age and beauty, into a monumental installation that is both rooted in the past and extending into the future.

Next-GEN LA: Artists to Watch, Vellum LA

UNPROTECTED, Epoch Gallery

Poetic Realities, New Wight Gallery

Select Exhibitions: New Wight Gallery (USA), Epoch Gallery, Vellum LA (USA).

Special thanks to: Jennifer Steinkamp, Casey Reas, Peter Lunenfeld, Lauren McCarthy, Ingram Mao, Ivana Dama, Harvey Moon, Gareth Walsh.

Documentation: H. Leslie Foster II, Kelsey Hart.