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Carrie Chen (she/her) is an artist, creative director, independent curator, and educator based in Los Angeles. Her work spans CGI animation, real-time interactivity, game engine simulation, and installation, exploring themes of hybridity, representation, time, and memory. Spending time between the US and China, Carrie’s practice draws on non-Western ontologies while also deconstructing and reconfiguring her relationship to intercultural narratives. With a transdisciplinary approach, she is interested in what she calls the “Productive Uncanny” and engages with the complexities of social behavior, digital bodies, culture and technology.

Chen is the recipient of the 2024 STRP Award for Creative Technology and served as a jury member for the A+D Architecture + Design Museum's 2024 Design Awards. She has exhibited internationally at Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (Sweden), STRP Festival (Netherlands), SKF/Konstnärshuset (Sweden), Denver Digerati Emergent Media Festival (USA), New Wight Gallery (USA), Vellum LA (USA), and Epoch Gallery (Online). She has participated in large-scale public art installations at CIRCA DTLA (USA) and West Hollywood Moving Image Media Arts (USA), and has been invited to speak at X Museum (Beijing), STRP Festival (Netherlands), and UCLA Media Arts (USA).

As a curator, she was recognized as the 2024 Emerging Curator of the Year at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) for her curation of "A Fossil, A Ruin, A Memory" at the Philosophical Research Society.

Her expanded practice includes creative direction, design commissions, and teaching. As Creative Director at Spectra Studio, she leads visual direction for multimedia installations and spearheads community engagement. She has led design commissions for clients including OVO Sound, Epitaph Records, and David Zwirner.

Chen is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at USC’s Media Arts + Practice program, where she teaches Advanced Visual Communication. She is also a lecturer of 3D Arts at Parsons Design & Technology.

She holds an MFA from UCLA Design Media Arts and dual Bachelor's degrees in Applied Psychology and Art History from New York University.

Carrie Chen 是一位驻洛杉矶的艺术家、创意总监、独立策展人和教育工作者。她的作品涵盖CGI动画、实时互动、游戏引擎模拟和装置艺术,探索混合性、表现、时间和记忆等主题。在中美两地生活的经历,使Carrie的创作借鉴了非西方本体论和叙事,同时解构并重新构建她与跨文化身份的关系。以跨学科的方法,她对她称之为“Productive Uncanny”特别感兴趣,并与社会行为、数字身体、文化和技术的复杂性进行互动。

Chen荣获2024年STRP创意技术奖,并担任A+D建筑设计博物馆2024年设计奖的评审委员。她的作品曾在国际上展出,包括哥德堡国际当代艺术双年展(瑞典)、STRP Festival(荷兰)、SKF/Konstnärshuset(瑞典)、Denver Digerati Emergent Media Festival(美国)、New Wight Gallery(美国)、Vellum LA(美国)和 Epoch Gallery(在线)。她还参与了大型公共艺术装置项目,如CIRCA DTLA(美国)和 West Hollywood Moving Image Media Arts(美国),并应邀在X Museum、STRP Festival(荷兰)和UCLA Design Media Arts(美国)演讲。

作为策展人,她因在哲学研究协会策划的“A Fossil, A Ruin, A Memory”展览而被洛杉矶当代展览(LACE)评为2024年度新兴策展人。

她的扩展实践包括创意指导、设计委托和教学。作为Spectra Studio的创意总监,她负责多媒体装置的视觉方向,并主导社区参与。她曾为OVO Sound、Epitaph Records和David Zwirner等客户领导设计委托项目。