Avatars, Myths, Fantasies

Studio course focused on critically engaging with digital avatars, myths and fantasies. Students examine the uses, representation and interpretation of myth and fantasy across a range of genres and media. 

Final projects are the culmination of weeks of research and intensive studio work. Students journeyed through the realm of myths and fantasies, using digital avatars as a storytelling device to explore identity, embodiment, representation, and culture in our technologically mediated world.

From the surrealist exploration of the subconscious self, the Korean myth of Bari-degi, the fusion of Sino-Meso deities of the sea, to the alien legends of Pasadena, our students' projects span a vast narrative spectrum. They infuse life into forgotten companions like Xiao Huang, redefine what it means to be a Black muse, reimagine mythical figures such as the youthful Chiron, and set out on introspective journeys through the metaphorical heart's complex ecosystems.

Visit: USC Media Arts + Practice Exhibition at New Art City

Masks by Johans Saldana Guadalupe

Chiron by JayLoni Fisher

My Stone Heart by Julianne Wong

Scary Larry by Nina Tomasevic