Primavera 春

Primavera 春
is a digital simulation in which the artist depicts herself at multiple life stages, all coexisting within a blossoming spring landscape. Using artificial intelligence, Chen generated "aged" versions of herself and synthesized them with archival family images, 3D avatars, and motion capture technology to create digital selves that exist in alternate timelines and imagined histories. 

These avatars interact dynamically in a sprawling floral meadow, partaking in activities such as dancing, running, swimming, observing, and embracing—allegories of childhood, pleasure, beauty, and renewal.

By engaging with and recontextualizing visual pastiche found in Renaissance and Romantic period art, this work challenges and reorients established Western male-dominated, art-historical narratives. A body that has not been allowed to appear now owns the viewer's gaze.

As a meditation on time and existence, Primavera 春 invites viewers to engage with the notion of life as a cyclical journey with multiple, coexisting narratives permeated with ancestral echoes, both rooted in the past and extending into the future.

Debut at SKF/Konstnärshuset, curated by Ashik Zaman and Alida Ivanov. 
Documentation by Sofia Runarsdotter.