Created initially as a three-channel projection installation, FLUTTER 虫飞薨薨 is an animated triptych of unfolding large-scale portraits. The figures experience shifting streams of mixed emotions in ambiguous states of being. At once fragile and vigorous, the living creatures in FLUTTER 虫飞薨薨 are all subject to the inevitability of change.

The title references a stanza from the ancient poetry anthology Book of Songs: 虫飞薨薨,甘与子同梦. 
Translation: Insects sound like the fluttering of wings, I want to fall into a dream with you.

Select Exhibitions: STRP Festival (Netherlands), New Wight Gallery (USA), WeHo Moving Image Media Art Program (USA), Luminex (USA), Vellum LA (USA), Spectra Studio (USA).

🕷 STRP Edition: Sound by Ivana Dama. Programming by John Brumley.
🕷 Photo Credit: Charles Powers, Hanneke Wetzer.